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Money, Method, and the Market Process: Essays by Ludwig von Mises (1990)

Ludwig von Mises


Capitalism needs neither propaganda nor apostles. Its achievements speak for themselves. Capitalism delivers the goods.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 242Capitalism
Even if the fundamental difficulties standing in the way of index calculations could be overcome, the practical difficulties remaining would still be very great.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 88Imperialism
If we had gold coins in actual daily circulation everywhere in the world . . . the depreciation of gold would . . . not have taken place at all.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 84Gold Standard
It is hopeless to expect a change by an international agreement. If a country thinks that more free trade is to its own advantage, then it may always open its frontiers.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 136Free Trade
It is inconsistent to support a policy of low trade barriers. Either trade barriers are useful, then they cannot be high enough; or they are harmful, then they have to disappear completely.Money, Method, and the Market Processpp. 135-36Free Trade
Reason is mans foremost equipment in the biological struggle for the preservation and expansion of his existence and survival. It would not have any function and would not have developed at all in the fools paradise.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 35Reason
Socialism is unrealizable as an economic system because a socialist society would not have any possibility of resorting to economic calculation. This is why it cannot be considered as a system of society's economic organization. It is a means to disintegrate social cooperation and to bring about poverty and chaos.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 310Socialism
The market economy — capitalism — is a social system of consumers' supremacy.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 233Capitalism
The problem of rendering the underdeveloped nations more prosperous cannot be solved by material aid. It is a spiritual and intellectual problem. Prosperity is not simply a matter of capital investment. It is an ideological issue. What the underdeveloped countries need first is the ideology of economic freedom and private enterprise.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 173Economic Development
The socialists of Eastern Germany, the self-styled German Democratic Republic, spectacularly admitted the bankruptcy of the Marxian dreams when they built a wall to prevent their comrades from fleeing into the non-socialist part of Germany.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 231Socialism
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