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Even if the fundamental difficulties standing in the way of index calculations could be overcome, the practical difficulties remaining would still be very great.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 88Imperialism
For fully developed imperialism, the individual no longer has value. He is valuable to it only as a member of the whole, as a soldier of an army.Nation, State, and Economyp. 78Imperialism
Marxian socialism, as a fundamentally revolutionary movement, is inwardly inclined toward imperialism. No one will dispute that, least of all the Marxists themselves, who straightforwardly proclaim the cult of revolution.Nation, State, and Economyp. 206Imperialism
Modern imperialism is distinguished from the expansionist tendencies of the absolute principalities by the fact that its moving spirits are not the members of the ruling dynasty, nor even of the nobility... but the mass of the people, who look upon it as the most appropriate means for the preservation of national independence.Liberalismp. 122Imperialism
Neither fame nor honor nor wealth nor happiness was to be found on this path.Nation, State, and Economyp. 75Imperialism
Nothing is more stupid than efforts to justify today's imperialism, with all of its brutalities, by reference to atrocities of generations long since gone.Nation, State, and Economyp. 76Imperialism
The imperialistic people's state scarcely differs from the old principle state in its interpretation of sovereignty and its boundaries. Like the latter, it knows no other limits to the expansion of its rule than those drawn by the opposition of an equally strong power.Nation, State, and Economyp. 79Imperialism
The welfare of a people lies not in casting other peoples down but in peaceful collaboration.Nation, State, and Economyp. 75Imperialism
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