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All the talk about the so-called unspeakable horror of early capitalism can be refuted by a single statistic: precisely in these years in which British capitalism developed, precisely in the age called the Industrial Revolution in England, in the years from 1760 to 1830, precisely in those years the population of England doubled.Economic Policyp. 7Capitalism
Capitalism gave the world what it needed, a higher standard of living for a steadily increasing number of people.Human Actionpp. 860-61; p. 864Capitalism
Capitalism is essentially a system of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. It pours a horn of plenty upon the common man. It has raised the average standard of living to a height never dreamed of in earlier ages. It has made accessible to millions of people enjoyments which a few generations ago were only within the reach of a small elite.The Anti-Capitalistic Mentalityp. 49Capitalism
Capitalism needs neither propaganda nor apostles. Its achievements speak for themselves. Capitalism delivers the goods.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 242Capitalism
Grumblers may blame Western civilization for its materialism and may assert that it gratified nobody but a small class of rugged exploiters. But their laments cannot wipe out the facts. Millions of mothers have been made happier by the drop in infant mortality. Famines have disappeared and epidemics have been curbed.Theory and Historyp. 334Capitalism
In spite of the anti-capitalistic policies of all governments and of almost all political parties, the capitalist mode of production is still fulfilling its social function in supplying the consumers with more, better and cheaper goods.Planned Chaosp. 15Capitalism
In the capitalist society there is a place and bread for all. Its ability to expand provides sustenance for every worker. Permanent unemployment is not a feature of free capitalism.Socialismp. 286Capitalism
It is inherent in the nature of the capitalistic economy that, in the final analysis, the employment of the factors of production is aimed only toward serving the wishes of consumers.On the Manipulation of Money and Creditp. 176Capitalism
Many pioneers of these industrial changes, it is true, became rich. But they acquired their wealth by supplying the public with motor cars, airplanes, radio sets, refrigerators, moving and talking pictures, and variety of less spectacular but no less useful innovations. These new products were certainly not an achievement of offices and bureaucrats.Omnipotent Governmentpp. Ix-xCapitalism
The capitalist system of production is an economic democracy in which every penny gives a right to vote. The consumers are the sovereign people. The capitalists, the entrepreneurs, and the farmers are the peoples mandatories.Bureaucracypp. 21-22Capitalism
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