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Free Trade

Free trade begins at home.Omnipotent Governmentp. 237Free Trade
History is a struggle between two principles, the peaceful principle, which advances the development of trade, and the militarist-imperialist principle, which interprets human society not as a friendly division of labour but as the forcible repression of some of its members by others.Socialismp. 268Free Trade
If trade were completely free, production would only take place under the most suitable conditions.Socialismp. 201Free Trade
In our age of international division of labor, free trade is the prerequisite for any amicable arrangement between nations.Omnipotent Governmentp. 6Free Trade
It is hopeless to expect a change by an international agreement. If a country thinks that more free trade is to its own advantage, then it may always open its frontiers.Money, Method, and the Market Processp. 136Free Trade
It is inconsistent to support a policy of low trade barriers. Either trade barriers are useful, then they cannot be high enough; or they are harmful, then they have to disappear completely.Money, Method, and the Market Processpp. 135-36Free Trade
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