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Bureaucracy (1944)

Ludwig von Mises


A bureaucrat differs from a nonbureaucrat precisely because he is working in a field in which it is impossible to appraise the result of a mans effort in terms of money.Bureaucracyp. 53Bureaucracy
At the bottom of all this fanatical advocacy of planning and socialism there is often nothing else than the intimate consciousness of ones own inferiority and inefficiency.Bureaucracyp. 92Social Planning
Bureaucratic management is management of affairs which cannot be checked by economic calculation.Bureaucracyp. 48Bureaucracy
Capitalism means free enterprise, sovereignty of the consumers in economic matters, and sovereignty of the voters in political matters. Socialism means full government control of every sphere of the individuals life and the unrestricted supremacy of the government in its capacity as central board of production management.Bureaucracyp. 10Capitalism vs. Socialism
Democracy is not a good that people can enjoy without trouble. It is, on the contrary, a treasure that must be daily defended and conquered anew by strenuous effort.Bureaucracyp. 121Democracy
Economic calculation makes it possible for business to adjust production to the demands of the consumers.Bureaucracyp. 28Economic Calculation
Economic interventionism is a self-defeating policy. The individual measures that it applies do not achieve the results sought.Bureaucracyp. 119Interventionism
Education rears disciples, imitators, and routinists, not pioneers of new ideas and creative geniuses. . . . The mark of the creative mind is that it defies a part of what it has learned or, at least, adds something new to it.Bureaucracyp. 71Education
European totalitarianism is an upshot of bureaucracy's preeminence in the field of education. The universities paved the way for the dictators.Bureaucracyp. 87Education
Every dictator plans to rear, raise, feed, and train his fellow men as the breeder does his cattle. His aim is not to make the people happy but to bring them into a condition which renders him, the dictator, happy. He wants to domesticate them, to give them cattle status. The cattle breeder also is a benevolent despot.Bureaucracyp. 91Dictatorship
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