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A bureaucrat differs from a nonbureaucrat precisely because he is working in a field in which it is impossible to appraise the result of a mans effort in terms of money.Bureaucracyp. 53Bureaucracy
A government enterprise can never be commercialized no matter how many external features of private enterprise are superimposed on it.A Critique of Interventionismp. 159Bureaucracy
Bureaucratic conduct of affairs is conduct bound to comply with detailed rules and regulations fixed by the authority of a superior body. It is the only alternative to profit management. . . . Whenever the operation of a system is not directed by the profit motive, it must be directed by bureaucratic rules.Human Actionp. 307; p. 310Bureaucracy
Bureaucratic management is management of affairs which cannot be checked by economic calculation.Bureaucracyp. 48Bureaucracy
If you have to convince a group of people who are not directly dependent on a solution of a problem, you will never succeed.Economic Policypp. 30-31Bureaucracy
In all countries with a settled bureaucracy people used to say: The cabinets come and go, but the bureaus remain.Bureaucracyp. 55Bureaucracy
No private enterprise will ever fall prey to bureaucratic methods of management if it is operated with the sole aim of making profit.Bureaucracyp. 64Bureaucracy
Nobody can be at the same time a correct bureaucrat and an innovator.Bureaucracyp. 67Bureaucracy
Only to bureaucrats can the idea occur that establishing new offices, promulgating new decrees, and increasing the number of government employees alone can be described as positive and beneficial measures.Omnipotent Governmentp. xBureaucracy
Progress of any kind is always at variance with the old and established ideas and therefore with the codes inspired by them. Every step of progress is a change involving heavy risks.Bureaucracyp. 67Bureaucracy
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