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Everybody is eager to charge for his services and accomplishments as much as the traffic can bear. In this regard there is no difference between the workers, whether unionized or not, the ministers and teachers on the one hand and the entrepreneurs on the other hand. Neither of them has the right to talk as if he were Francis dAssisi.Planning for Freedomp. 145Workers
In the market economy the worker sells his services as other people sell their commodities. The employer is not the employees lord. He is simply the buyer of services which he must purchase at their market price.Human Actionp. 629; pp. 633-34Workers
The American worker is badly mistaken when he believes that his high standard of living is due to his own excellence.Planning for Freedomp. 136Workers
The improvement of well-being brought about by capitalism made it possible for the common man to save and thus to become in a modest way himself a capitalist.Planning for Freedomp. 160Workers
The laborer is an entrepreneur in so far as his wages are determined by the price the market allows for the kind of work he can perform. This price varies according to the change in conditions in the same way in which the price of every other factor of production varies.Human Actionp. 255; p. 254Workers
Workers and consumers are, of course, identical.On the Manipulation of Money and Creditp. 179Workers
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