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Planning for Freedom, and Twelve Other Essays and Addresses (1952)

Ludwig von Mises


A dictum of Lord Keynes: In the long run we are all dead. I do not question the truth of this statement; I even consider it as the only correct declaration of the neo-British Cambridge school.Planning for Freedomp. 7Keynes, John Maynard
A man who is forced to provide of his own account for his old age must save a part of his income or take out an insurance policy... Such a man is more likely to get an idea of the economic problems of his country than a man whom a pension scheme seemingly relieves of all worries.Planning for Freedomp. 92Social Security
A nation cannot prosper if its members are not fully aware of the fact that what alone can improve their conditions is more and better production. And this can only be brought about by increased saving and capital accumulation.Planning for Freedompp. 92-93Material Well-Being
A policy of deficit spending saps the very foundation of all interpersonal relations and contracts. It frustrates all kinds of savings, social security benefits and pensions.Planning for Freedomp. 89Deficits
After 15 million human beings had perished in the war, the foremost statesmen of the world were assembled to give mankind a new international order and lasting peace . . . and the British Empires financial expert was amused by the rustic style of the French Prime Ministers footwear.Planning for Freedomp. 56Keynes, John Maynard
All that good government can do to improve the material well-being of the masses is to establish and to preserve an institutional setting in which there are no obstacles to the progressive accumulation of new capital and its utilization for the improvement of technical methods of production.Planning for Freedomp. 6Good Government
As people think that they owe to unionism their high standard of living, they condone violence, coercion, and intimidation on the part of unionized labor and are indifferent to the curtailment of personal freedom inherent in the union-shop and closed-shop clauses.Planning for Freedomp. 153Unions
Credit expansion is not a nostrum to make people happy. The boom it engenders must inevitably lead to a debacle and unhappiness.Planning for Freedomp. 189Credit
Depression is the aftermath of credit expansion.Planning for Freedomp. 7Money Supply
Entrance into the ranks of the entrepreneurs in a market society, not sabotaged by the interference of government or other agencies resorting to violence, is open to everybody.Planning for Freedomp. 117Class Mobility
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