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A judgment of value does not measure, it arranges in a scale of degrees, it grades. It is expressive of an order of preference and sequence, but not expressive of measure and weight.Human Actionp. 97; p. 97Value
It is vain to speak of any calculation of values. Calculation is possible only with cardinal numbers. The difference between the valuation of two states of affairs is entirely psychical and personal. It is not open to any projection into the external world. It can be sensed only by the individual. It cannot be communicated or imparted to any fellow man.Human Actionp. 97; p. 97Value
There are no such things as absolute values, independent of the subjective preferences of erring men. Judgments of values are the outcome of human arbitrariness. They reflect all the shortcomings and weaknesses of their authors.Bureaucracyp. 26Value
There is no method available to construct a unit of value.Human Actionp. 206; p. 205Value
Value is not intrinsic, it is not in things. It is within us; it is the way in which man reacts to the conditions of his environment. Neither is value in words and doctrines, it is reflected in human conduct. It is not what a man or groups of men say about value that counts, but how they act.Human Actionp. 96; p. 96Value
Value is not intrinsic. It is not in things and conditions but in the valuing subject.Theory and Historyp. 23Value
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