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A man is free as far as he shapes his life according to his own plans. A man whose fate is determined by the plans of a superior authority, in which the exclusive power to plan is vested, is not free in the sense in which the term free was used and understood by all people until the semantic revolution of our day brought about a confusion of tongues.Human Actionp. 285; p. 287Tyranny
In the hegemonic state there is neither right nor law; there are only directives and regulations which the director may change daily and apply with what discrimination he pleases which the wards must obey. The wards have one freedom only: to obey without asking questions.Human Actionp. 199; p. 198Tyranny
It holds the individual in tight rein from the womb to the tomb.Bureaucracyp. 17Tyranny
It is the subordination of every individuals whole life, work, and leisure, to the orders of those in power and office. It is the reduction of man to a cog in an all-embracing machine of compulsion and coercion. It forces the individual to renounce any activity of which the government does not approve. It tolerates no expression of dissent. It is the transformation of society into a strictly disciplined labor-army.Bureaucracyp. 17Tyranny
The substitution of economic planning for the market economy removes all freedom and leaves to the individual merely the right to obey.Human Actionp. 284; p. 287Tyranny
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