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A new type of superstition has got hold of peoples minds, the worship of the state. People demand the exercise of the methods of coercion and compulsion, of violence and threat. Woe to anybody who does not bend his knee to the fashionable idols!Omnipotent Governmentp. 11State
Aprs nous le deluge (After us, the deluge) is an old maxim of government.Socialismp. 179State
He who proclaims the godliness of the State and the infallibility of its priests, the bureaucrats, is considered as an impartial student of the social sciences.Planned Chaosp. 16State
How fine the world would be if the State were free to cure all ills! It is one step only from such a mentality to the perfect totalitarianism of Stalin and Hitler.Bureaucracypp. 75-76State
It is characteristic of current political thinking to welcome every suggestion which aims at enlarging the influence of government.On the Manipulation of Money and Creditp. 107State
It is not God. It is simply compulsion and coercion; it is the police power.Omnipotent Governmentp. 47State
Louis XIV was very frank and sincere when he said: I am the State. The modern etatist is modest. He says: I am the servant of the State; but, he implies, the State is God.Bureaucracypp. 74-75State
No reform can render perfectly satisfactory the operation of an institution the essential activity of which consists in inflicting pain.The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Sciencep. 100State
Not every apparatus of compulsion and coercion is called a state. Only one which is powerful enough to maintain its existence, for some time at least, by its own force is commonly called a state. A gang of robbers, which because of the comparative weakness of its forces has no prospect of successfully resisting for any length of time the forces of another organization, is not entitled to be called a state. The state will either smash or tolerate a gang. In the first case the gang is not a state because its independence lasts for a short time only; in the second case it is not a state because it does not stand on its own might.Omnipotent Governmentp. 46State
The apparatus of compulsion and coercion is always operated by mortal men.Omnipotent Governmentp. 47State
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