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But the certain fact about inflation is that, sooner or later, it must come to an end. It is a policy that cannot last.Economic Policyp. 63Inflation
Continued inflation inevitably leads to catastrophe.Defense, Controls, and Inflationp. 109Inflation
Credit expansion and inflationary increase of the quantity of money frustrate the common mans attempts to save and to accumulate reserves for less propitious days.Human Actionp. 834; p. 838Inflation
If inflation is pushed to its ultimate consequences, it makes any stipulation of deferred payments in terms of the inflated currency cease altogether.Human Actionp. 779; p. 785Inflation
Inflation and credit expansion, the preferred methods of present day government openhandedness, do not add anything to the amount of resources available. They make some people more prosperous, but only to the extent that they make others poorer.Bureaucracyp. 84Inflation
Inflation can be pursued only so long as the public still does not believe it will continue. Once the people generally realize that the inflation will be continued on and on and that the value of the monetary unit will decline more and more, then the fate of the money is sealed. Only the belief, that the inflation will come to a stop, maintains the value of the notes.On the Manipulation of Money and Creditp. 16Inflation
Inflation has always been an important resource of policies of war and revolution and why we also find it in the service of socialism.The Theory of Money and Creditp. 255Inflation
Inflation is essentially antidemocratic.Omnipotent Governmentp. 252Inflation
Inflation is the fiscal complement of statism and arbitrary government. It is a cog in the complex of policies and institutions which gradually lead toward totalitarianism.The Theory of Money and Creditp. 468Inflation
Inflation is the true opium of the people and it is administered to them by anticapitalist governments and parties.The Theory of Money and Creditp. 485Inflation
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