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Western civilization is based upon the libertarian principle and all its achievements are the result of the actions of free men. Economic Freedom and Interventionism p. 150 Western Civilization
The eminence of the Western nations consisted in the fact that they succeeded better in checking the spirit of predatory militarism than the rest of mankind and that they thus brought forth the social institutions required for saving and investment on a broader scale. Human Action p. 497; p. 500 Western Civilization
The distinctive principle of Western social philosophy is individualism. Liberty & Property p. 25 Western Civilization
The social system of private property and limited government is the only system that tends to debarbarize all those who have the innate capacity to acquire personal culture. Liberty & Property p. 26 Western Civilization
The nations of Western Europe brought forth the political and institutional conditions for safeguarding saving and investment on a broader scale, and thus provided the entrepreneurs with the capital needed. Omnipotent Government p. 101 Western Civilization
All the marvelous achievements of Western civilization are fruits grown on the tree of liberty. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 454 Western Civilization