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Economic Freedom and Interventionism: An Anthology of Articles and Essays (1990)

Ludwig von Mises


A book of the size and profundity of Capital and Interest is not easy reading. But the effort expended pays very well.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 135Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen von
A sound monetary policy is one of the foremost means to thwart the insidious schemes of communism.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 106Communism
Daily experience proves clearly to everybody but the most bigoted fanatics of socialism that governmental management is inefficient and wasteful.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 62Government
Dr. Rothbard is already well known as the author of several excellent monographs. Now, as the result of many years of sagacious and discerning meditation, he joins the ranks of eminent economists by publishing a voluminous work, a systematic treatise on economics.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 155Rothbard, Murray
Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 157America
In his book on Eternal Peace, the German philosopher Immanuel Kant suggested that government should be forbidden to finance wars by borrowing. He expected that the warlike spirit would dwindle if all countries had to pay cash for their wars.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 99Kant, Immanuel
In the same way in which it is impossible for a mathematician to specialize in triangles and to neglect the study of circles, it is impossible to be an expert on wage rates without at the same time mastering the problems of profits and interest, commodity prices, and currency and banking.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 234Economists
Nobody seems to doubt that to prevent some people from acquiring riches is a policy extremely beneficial for the rest of society.Economic Freedom and Interventionismpp. 231-32Envy
Now such a book as Man, Economy, and State offers to every intelligent man an opportunity to obtain reliable information concerning the great controversies and conflicts of our age. It is certainly not easy reading and asks for the utmost exertion of ones attention. But there are no shortcuts to wisdom.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 158Rothbard, Murray
Reading Smith is no more a substitute for studying economics than reading Euclid is a substitute for the study of mathematics.Economic Freedom and Interventionismp. 117Smith, Adam
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