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An essential point in the social philosophy of interventionism is the existence of an inexhaustible fund which can be squeezed forever. The whole system of interventionism collapses when this fountain is drained off: The Santa Claus principle liquidates itself. Human Action p. 854; p. 858 Welfare
The policies advocated by the welfare school remove the incentive to saving on the part of private citizens. On the one hand, the measures directed toward a curtailment of big incomes and fortunes seriously reduce or destroy entirely the wealthier peoples power to save. On the other hand, the sums which people with moderate incomes previously contributed to capital accumulation are manipulated in such a way as to channel them into the lines of consumption. Human Action p. 841; pp. 844-45 Welfare
The problems of poor relief are problems of the arrangement of consumption, not of the arrangement of production activities. Human Action p. 600; p. 603 Welfare
The Welfare State with its methods of easy money, credit expansion and undisguised inflation continually takes bites out of all claims payable in units of the nations legal tender. Liberty & Property p. 25 Welfare
The Welfare State is merely a method for transforming the market economy step by step into socialism. Planning for Freedom p. 219 Welfare
All almsgiving inevitably tends to pauperize the recipient. Socialism p. 422 Welfare
If the will to be well and efficient is weakened, illness and inability to work is caused. Socialism pp. 431-32 Welfare