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Truth is not the halfway point between two untruths. On the Manipulation of Money and Credit p. 88 Truth
Truth has its own way. It works and produces effects even if party programs and textbooks refuse to acknowledge it as truth. Planning for Freedom p. 11 Truth
Governments, political parties, pressure groups, and the bureaucrats of the educational hierarchy think they can avoid the inevitable consequences of unsuitable measures by boycotting and silencing the independent economists. But truth persists and works, even if nobody is left to utter it. Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics, The p. 45 Truth
Yet the criterion of truth is that it works even if nobody is prepared to acknowledge it. Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, The p. 94 Truth
At least one of the characteristic marks of a true theory is that action based on it succeeds in attaining the expected result. In this sense, truth works while untruth does not work. Theory and History p. 123 Truth
Truth refers to what is or was, not to a state of affairs that is not or was not but would suit the wishes of the truth-seeker better. Theory and History p. 298 Truth