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The police officer and the fireman have no better claim to the publics gratitude than the doctors, the railroad engineers, the welders, the sailors, or the manufacturers of any useful commodity. The traffic cop has no more cause for conceit than the manufacturer of traffic lights. Bureaucracy p. 77 Police Power
It is in the nature of every application of violence that it tends toward a transgression of the limit within which it is tolerated and viewed as legitimate. Even the best discipline cannot always prevent police officers from striking harder than circumstances require, or prison wardens from inflicting brutalities on inmates. Omnipotent Government p. 156 Police Power
Freedom and liberty always mean freedom from police interference. Planned Chaos p. 64 Police Power
The men who are to protect the community against violent aggression easily turn into the most dangerous aggressors. They transgress their mandate. They misuse their power for the oppression of those whom they were expected to defend against oppression. Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, The p. 98 Police Power