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Fiat money is a money consisting of mere tokens which can neither be employed for any industrial purposes nor convey a claim against anybody. Human Action p. 426; p. 429 Money
For two hundred years the governments have interfered with the markets choice of the money medium. Even the most bigoted ├ętatists do not venture to assert that this interference has proved beneficial. Human Action p. 419; p. 422 Money
The governments alone are responsible for the spread of the superstitious awe with which the common man looks upon every bit of paper upon which the treasury or agencies which it controls have printed the magical words legal tender. Human Action pp. 444-45; p. 448 Money
Money is merely the commonly used medium of exchange; it plays only an intermediary role. . Planning for Freedom p. 66 Money
Money has no utility other than that arising from the possibility of obtaining other economic goods in exchange for it. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 118 Money
Money has thus become an aid that the human mind is no longer able to dispense with in making economic calculations. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 62 Money
Money is nothing but a medium of exchange and it completely fulfills its function when the exchange of goods and services is carried on more easily with its help than would be possible to means of barter. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 31 Money
Money is regarded as the cause of theft and murder, of deception and betrayal. Money is blamed when the prostitute sells her body and when the bribed judge perverts the law. It is money against which the moralist declaims when he wishes to oppose excessive materialism. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 111 Money
The simple statement, that money is a commodity whose economic function is to facilitate the interchange of goods and services, does not satisfy those writers who are interested rather in the accumulation of material than in the increase of knowledge. Theory of Money and Credit, The pp. 46-47 Money
The valuation of the monetary unit depends not upon the wealth of the country, but upon the ratio between the quantity of money and the demand for it, so that even the richest country may have a bad currency and the poorest country a good one. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 278 Money
Where the free exchange of goods and services is unknown, money is not wanted. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 41 Money
No technological computation and calculation would be possible in an environment that would not employ a generally used medium of exchange, money. Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, The p. 127 Money