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Because of the enormous power that today stands at the command of the state, a national minority must expect the worst from a majority of a different nationality. As long as the state is granted the vast powers which it has today and which public opinion considers to be its right, the thought of having to live in a state whose government is in the hands of members of a foreign nationality is positively terrifying. It is frightful to live in a state in which at every turn one is exposed to persecution — masquerading under the guise of justice — by a ruling majority. It is dreadful to be handicapped even as a child in school on account of ones nationality and to be in the wrong before every judicial and administrative authority because one belongs to a national minority.Liberalismp. 141Minorities
To be a member of a national minority involves multitudinous political disadvantages. The wider the functions of the political authority the more burdensome are these disadvantages.Socialismp. 202Minorities
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