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Liberalism, which demands full freedom of the economy, seeks to dissolve the difficulties that the diversity of political arrangements pits against the development of trade by separating the economy from the state. It strives for the greatest possible unification of law, in the last analysis for world unity of law. But it does not believe that to reach this goal, great empires or even a world empire must be created.Nation, State, and Economypp. 37-38Law
No wonder that all who have had something new to offer humanity have had nothing good to say of the state or its laws!Liberalismp. 58Law
The moral precepts and the laws of the country are means by which men seek to attain certain ends. Whether or not these ends can really be attained this way depends on the laws of the universe. The man-made laws are suitable if they are fit to attain these ends and contrary to purpose if they are not. They are open to examination from the point of view of their suitableness or unsuitableness.Human Actionp. 756; pp. 761-62Law
The total complex of the rules according to which those at the helm employ compulsion and coercion is called law. Yet the characteristic feature of the state is not these rules, as such, but the application or threat of violence.Omnipotent Governmentp. 46Law
What counts is not the letter of the law but the substantive content of the legal norm.Nation, State, and Economyp. 173Law
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