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A historians achievement consists in presenting the past in a new perspective of understanding.Theory and Historyp. 290History
Again and again, the early historians of capitalism have — one can hardly use a milder word — falsified history.Economic Policyp. 7History
Every action adds something to history, affects the course of future events, and is in this sense a historical fact. The most trivial performance of daily routine by dull people is no less a historical datum than is the most startling innovation of the genius.Theory and Historyp. 195History
Historical knowledge is indispensable for those who want to build a better world.Omnipotent Governmentp. 14History
History can tell us what happened in the past. But it cannot assert that it must happen again in the future.Human Actionp. 546; p. 549History
History in the broadest sense of the term is the totality of human experience.The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Sciencep. 45History
History looks backward into the past, but the lesson it teaches concerns things to come. It does not teach indolent quietism; it rouses man to emulate the deeds of earlier generations.Theory and Historyp. 294History
History makes one wise, but not competent to solve concrete problems.Epistemological Problems of Economicsp. xxiiiHistory
History should teach us to recognize causes and to understand driving forces; and when we understand everything, we will forgive everything.Nation, State, and Economyp. 2History
History speaks only to those people who know how to interpret it.Human Actionp. 859; p. 863History
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