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The government pretends to be endowed with the mystical power to accord favors out of an inexhaustible horn of plenty. It is both omniscient and omnipotent. It can by a magic wand create happiness and abundance. Bureaucracy p. 84 Government
Daily experience proves clearly to everybody but the most bigoted fanatics of socialism that governmental management is inefficient and wasteful. Economic Freedom and Interventionism p. 62 Government
There is no remedy for the inefficiency of public management. Economic Freedom and Interventionism p. 63 Government
Government is a guarantor of liberty and is compatible with liberty only if its range is adequately restricted to the preservation of what is called economic freedom. Human Action p. 283 Government
Government means always coercion and compulsion and is by necessity the opposite of liberty. Human Action p. 283; p. 285 Government
Once the principle is admitted that it is duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments. Human Action pp. 728-29 p. 733 Government
A liberal government is a contradictio in adjecto. Governments must be forced into adopting liberalism by the power of the unanimous opinion of the people; that they could voluntarily become liberal is not to be expected. Liberalism p. 68 Government
History provides an abundance of striking examples to show that, in the long run, even the most ruthless policy of repression does not suffice to maintain a government in power. Liberalism p. 45 Government
In spite of all persecutions, however, the institution of private property has survived. Neither the animosity of all governments, nor the hostile campaign waged against it by writers and moralists and by churches and religions, nor the resentment of the masses...has availed to abolish it. Liberalism p. 69 Government
Politically there is nothing more advantageous for a government than an attack on property rights, for it is always an easy matter to incite the masses against the owners of land and capital. . Liberalism p. 69 Government
Government is essentially the negation of liberty. Liberty & Property p. 19 Government
Government is not, as some people like to say, a necessary evil; it is not an evil, but a means, the only means available to make peaceful human coexistence possible. But it is the opposite of liberty. It is beating, imprisoning, hanging. Whatever a government does it is ultimately supported by the actions of armed constables. If the government operates a school or a hospital, the funds required are collected by taxes, i.e., by payments exacted from the citizens. Liberty & Property p. 19 Government
It is in the nature of the men handling the apparatus of compulsion and coercion to overrate its power to work, and to strive at subduing all spheres of human life to its immediate influence. Omnipotent Government p. 58 Government
The government and its chiefs do not have the powers of the mythical Santa Claus. They cannot spend except by taking out of the pockets of some people for the benefit of others. Planning for Freedom p. 187 Government
It is an illusion to expect that despotism will always side with the good causes. Theory and History p. 372 Government