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Collaboration of the more talented, more able, and more industrious with the less talented, less able, and less industrious results in benefit for both. The gains derived from the division of labor are always mutual. Human Action p. 159; p. 160 Equality
What those people who ask for equality have in mind is always an increase in their own power to consume. Human Action p. 836; p. 840 Equality
Nothing, however, is as ill founded as the assertion of the alleged equality of all members of the human race. Liberalism p. 28 Equality
In talking about equality and asking vehemently for its realization, nobody advocates a curtailment of his own present income. Planning for Freedom p. 137 Equality
We cannot really say any more about the inherited characteristics of the individual than that some men are more gifted from birth than others. Where the difference between good and bad is to be sought we cannot say. Socialism p. 288 Equality
The heir of a wealthy man [undoubtedly] enjoys a certain advantage as he starts under more favorable conditions than others. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 40-41 Equality
Men are unequal; individuals differ from one another. They differ because their prenatal as well as their postnatal history is never identical. Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, The p. 59 Equality
The egalitarian doctrine is manifestly contrary to all the facts established by biology and by history. Only fanatical partisans of this theory can contend that what distinguishes the genius from the dullard is entirely the effect of postnatal influences. Theory and History p. 331 Equality
The idea of equal distribution of land is a pernicious illusion. Its execution would plunge mankind into misery and starvation, and would in fact wipe out civilization itself. Theory and History p. 354 Equality