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An employer or an employee entrusted with the management of a department of an enterprise is free to discriminate in hiring workers, to fire them arbitrarily, or to cut down their wages below the market rate. But in indulging in such arbitrary acts he jeopardizes the profitability of his enterprise.Human Actionp. 629; p. 634Discrimination
Like the mystical sense of communion, racial hatred is not a natural phenomenon innate in man. It is a product of ideologies.Human Actionp. 168; p. 168Discrimination
True, the entrepreneur is free to give full rein to his whims, to dismiss workers off hand, to cling stubbornly to antiquated processes, deliberately to choose unsuitable methods of production and to allow himself to be guided by motives which conflict with the demands of consumers. But when and in so far as he does this he must pay for it.Socialismp. 401Discrimination
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