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A free press can exist only where there is private control on the means of production. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 55 Freedom of the Press
All that Lenin learned about business from the tales of his comrades who occasionally sat in business offices was that it required a lot of scribbling, recording, and ciphering. Thus, he declares that accounting and control are the chief things necessary for the organizing and correct functioning of society. . . . Here we have the philosophy of the filing clerk in its full glory. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 24-25 Lenin, Vladimir
Although it would be mere pedantry not to appreciate the peculiar grandeur of such sights as the New York skyline, it can be admitted that modern architecture has not attained the distinction of that of past centuries. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 78 Architecture
American authors or scientists are prone to consider the wealthy businessman as a barbarian, as a man exclusively intent upon making money. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 20 Intellectuals
As human nature is, everybody is prone to overrate his own worth and deserts. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 13 Human Frailty
Big business always serves — directly or indirectly — the masses. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 2 Big Business
Capital is not a free gift of God or of nature. It is the outcome of a provident restriction of consumption on the part of man. It is created and increased by saving and maintained by the abstention from dissaving. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 84 Savings
Capitalism and socialism are two distinct patterns of social organization. Private control of the means of production and public control are contradictory notions and not merely contrary notions. There is no such thing as a mixed economy, a system that would stand midway between capitalism and socialism. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 64-65 Capitalism vs. Socialism
Capitalism is essentially a system of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. It pours a horn of plenty upon the common man. It has raised the average standard of living to a height never dreamed of in earlier ages. It has made accessible to millions of people enjoyments which a few generations ago were only within the reach of a small elite. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 49 Capitalism
Daydreams of a fair world which would treat him according to his real worth are the refuge of all those plagued by a lack of self-knowledge. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 15 Fairness
Everybody is free to abstain from reading books, magazines, and newspapers he dislikes and to recommend to other people to shun these books, magazines, and newspapers. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 56 Censorship
Freedom must be granted to all, even to base people, lest the few who can use it for the benefit of mankind be hindered. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 108 Freedom
In the last hundred years many churches and even cathedrals were built and many more government palaces, schools, and libraries. But they do not show any original conception.... Only in apartment houses, office buildings and private homes have we seen something develop that may be qualified as an architectural style of our age. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 78 Architecture
In the universe there is never and nowhere stability and immobility. Change and transformation are essential features of life. Each state of affairs is transient; each age is an age of transition. In human life there is never calm and repose. Life is a process, not a perseverance in a status quo. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 106 Uncertainty
It is a fact that a hundred years ago only a few people anticipated the over-powering momentum which the anti-libertarian ideas were destined to acquire in a very short time. The ideal of liberty seemed to be so firmly rooted that everybody thought that no reactionary movement could ever succeed in eradicating it. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 94 Liberty
It is not the fault of capitalism that the common man does not appreciate uncommon books. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 52 Literature
It is true that most of the novels and plays published today are mere trash. Nothing else can be expected when thousands of volumes are written every year. Our age could still some day be called an age of the flowering of literature if only one out of a thousand books published would prove to be equal to the great books of the past. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 52 Literature
Literature is not conformism, but dissent. Those authors who merely repeat what everybody approves and wants to hear are of no importance. What counts alone is the innovator, the dissenter, the harbinger of things unheard of, the man who rejects the traditional standards and aims at substituting new values and ideas for old ones. He is by necessity anti-authoritarian and anti-governmental, irreconcilably opposed to the immense majority of his contemporaries. He is precisely the author whose books the greater part of the public does not buy. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 51 Literature
Men, cooperating under the system of the division of labor, have created all the wealth which the daydreamers consider as a free gift of nature. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 81 Nature
Nature is not bountiful but stingy. It has restricted the supply of all things indispensable for the preservation of human life. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 81 Nature
The characteristic feature of modern capitalism is mass production of goods destined for consumption by the masses. The result is a tendency towards a continuous improvement in the average standard of living, a progressing enrichment of the many. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 1 Standard of Living
The characteristic mark of big business is mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. Under capitalism the workers themselves, directly or indirectly, are the main consumers of all those things that the factories are turning out. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 42 Big Business
The first thing a genius needs is to breathe free air. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 108 Genius
The heir of a wealthy man [undoubtedly] enjoys a certain advantage as he starts under more favorable conditions than others. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 40-41 Equality
The increase in what is called the productivity of labor is due to the employment of better tools and machines. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 38 Productivity
The most ingenious technological inventions would be practically useless if the capital goods required for their utilization had not been accumulated by saving. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 39 Savings
The only source of the generation of additional capital goods is saving. If all the goods produced are consumed, no new capital comes into being. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 84 Savings
The poverty of the backward nations is due to the fact that their policies of expropriation, discriminatory taxation and foreign exchange control prevent the investment of foreign capital while their domestic policies preclude the accumulation of indigenous capital. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 83 Development
The riches of the rich are not the cause of the poverty of anybody; the process that makes some people rich is, on the contrary, the corollary of the process that improves many peoples want satisfaction. The entrepreneurs, the capitalists and the technologists prosper as far as they succeed in best supplying the consumers. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 43 Poverty
There has never been an era in which the many were prepared to do justice to contemporary art. Reverence to the great authors and artists has always been limited to small groups. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 79 Arts
Those underlings who in all the preceding ages of history had formed the herds of slaves and serfs, of paupers and beggars, became the buying public, for whose favor the businessmen canvass. They are the customers who are always right, the patrons who have the power to make poor suppliers rich and rich suppliers poor. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 2 Consumer
To the grumbler who complains about the unfairness of the market system only one piece of advice can be given: If you want to acquire wealth, then try to satisfy the public by offering them something that is cheaper or which they like better. Try to supersede Pinkapinka by mixing another beverage. Equality under the law gives you the power to challenge every millionaire. It is in a market not sabotaged by government-imposed restrictions exclusively your fault if you do not outstrip the chocolate king, the movie star and the boxing champion. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 910 Fairness
Under capitalism the common man enjoys amenities which in ages gone by were unknown and therefore inaccessible even to the richest people. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 3 Standard of Living
Under capitalism, material success depends on the appreciation of a mans achievements on the part of the sovereign consumers. In this regard there is no difference between the services rendered by a manufacturer and those rendered by a producer, an actor or a playwright. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 31 Arts
What characterizes capitalism is not the bad taste of the crowds, but the fact that these crowds, made prosperous by capitalism, became consumers of literature of course, of trashy literature. The book market is flooded by a downpour of trivial fiction for the semibarbarians. But this does not prevent great authors from creating imperishable works. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 79 Arts
What characterizes capitalism is not the bad taste of the crowds, but the fact that these crowds, made prosperous by capitalism, became consumers of literature, of course, of trashy literature…. But this does not prevent great authors from creating imperishable works. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 79 Literature
What gives to the individuals as much freedom as is compatible with life in society is the operation of the market economy. The constitutions and bills of rights do not create freedom. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 99-100 Free Market