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Abstract thought is independent of the wishes which move the thinker and of the aims for which he strives. Socialism p. 317 Reason
All almsgiving inevitably tends to pauperize the recipient. Socialism p. 422 Welfare
All attempts to coerce the living will of human beings into the service of something they do not want must fail. Socialism p. 263 Coercion
All economic activity is based upon an uncertain future. It is therefore bound up with risk. It is essentially speculation. Socialism p. 181 Risk
All human action, so far as it is rational, appears as the exchange of one condition for another... This is the essence of economic activity--the carrying out of acts of exchange. Socialism p. 97 Exchange
All rational action is in the first place individual action. Only the individual thinks. Only the individual reasons. Only the individual acts. Socialism p. 97 Action
An eternal capital investment is as non-existent as a secure one. Every capital investment is speculative; its success cannot be foreseen with absolute assurance. Socialism p. 339 Wealth
Aprs nous le deluge (After us, the deluge) is an old maxim of government. Socialism p. 179 State
As the idea of contract enters the Law of Marriage, it breaks the rule of the male, and makes the wife a partner with equal rights. From a one-sided relationship resting on force, marriage thus becomes a mutual agreement. Socialism p. 82 Marriage
By weakening or completely destroying the will to be well and able to work, social insurance creates illness and inability to work; it produces the habit of complaining... it is an institution which tends to encourage disease, not to say accidents, and to intensify considerably the physical and psychic results of accidents and illnesses. As a social institution it makes a people sick bodily and mentally or at least helps to multiply, lengthen, and intensify disease. Socialism p. 432 Social Security
Capital does not reproduce itself. Socialism p. 177 Capital
Christian Socialism is none the less Socialism. Socialism p. 382 Christianity
Christianity has acquiesced in slavery and polygamy, has practically canonized war, has, in the name of the Lord, burnt heretics and devastated countries. Socialism pp. 397-98 Christianity
Civilization is a product of leisure and the peace of mind that only the division of labour can make possible. Socialism p. 271 Civilization
Civilization is a work of peaceful co-operation. Socialism p. 291 Civilization
Class consciousness, created by the ideology of the class conflict, is the essence of the struggle, and not vice versa. The idea created the class, not the class the idea. Socialism p. 306 Conflict
Economic calculation can only take place by means of money prices established in the market for production goods in a society resting on private property in the means of production. Socialism p. 123 Economic Calculation
Every collectivist assumes a different source for the collective will, according to his own political, religious and national convictions. Socialism p. 56 Groups
Every expansion of the personal division of labor brings advantages to all who take part in it. Socialism p. 261 Division of Labor
Every step that leads away from private ownership of the means of production and the use of money is a step away from rational economic activity. Socialism p. 102 Interventionism
Everything brought forward in favor of Socialism during the last hundred years, in thousands of writings and speeches, all the blood which has been spilt by the supporters of Socialism, cannot make socialism workable. Socialism p. 117 Socialism
Experience shows that nothing is operated with less economy and with more waste of labor and material of every kind than public services and undertakings. Private enterprise on the other hand naturally induces the owner to work with the greatest economy in his own interest. Socialism p. 160 Civil Service
Figures alone prove or disprove nothing. Only the conclusions drawn from the collected material can do this. And these are theoretical. Socialism p. 325 Statistics
For it is an essential difference between capitalist and socialist production that under capitalism men provide for themselves, while under Socialism they are provided for. Socialism p. 405 Capitalism vs. Socialism
For Liberalism has never pretended to be more than a philosophy of earthly life. What it teaches is concerned only with earthly action and desistance from action. It has never claimed to exhaust the Last or Greatest Secret of Man. Socialism p. 37 Classical Liberalism
For society is nothing but collaboration. Socialism p. 281 Civilization
Fortunes cannot grow; someone has to increase them. Socialism p. 340 Wealth
Fortunes invested in capital do not, as the naive economic philosophy of the common man imagines, represent eternal sources of income. Socialism p. 338 Wealth
Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Wilhelm II were quite convinced that God had invested them with special authority. . . . Many contemporaries believed alike and were ready to spend their last drop of blood in the service of the king sent to them by God. Socialism p. 56 God
Genius does not allow itself to be hindered by any consideration for the comfort of its fellows even of those closest to it. Socialism p. 85 Genius
Genius does not allow itself to be hindered by any consideration for the comfort of its fellows even of those closest to it. Socialism pp. 85-86 Genius
History is a struggle between two principles, the peaceful principle, which advances the development of trade, and the militarist-imperialist principle, which interprets human society not as a friendly division of labour but as the forcible repression of some of its members by others. Socialism p. 268 Free Trade
If a man drinks wine and not water I cannot say he is acting irrationally. At most I can say that in his place I would not do so. But his pursuit of happiness is his own business, not mine. Socialism p. 405 Happiness
If the diligence of modern industry were replaced by the contemplative life of the past, unnumbered millions would be doomed to death by starvation. Socialism p. 396 Retreatism
If the State takes the power of disposal from the owner piecemeal, by extending its influence over production... then the owner is left at last with nothing except the empty name of ownership, and property has passed into the hands of the State. Socialism p. 45 Interventionism
If the will to be well and efficient is weakened, illness and inability to work is caused. Socialism pp. 431-32 Welfare
If trade were completely free, production would only take place under the most suitable conditions. Socialism p. 201 Free Trade
If we do not wish to see life become extinct we should not call the source from which it is renewed a sink of vice. Socialism p. 88 Sex
Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one's own as easily as a new costume. Socialism p. 38 Immigration
In capitalist enterprise there is no secure income and no security of wealth. Socialism p. 340 Wealth
In his life and his reading he remained so far removed from the facts of economic life that he was as great a stranger to the work of the bourgeoisie as a Hottentot to the work of an explorer taking geographical measurements. Socialism p. 189 Lenin, Vladimir
In its most fundamental contentions Marxism has never risen above the level of a doctrine for the soap box orator. Socialism p. 305 Marxism
In so far as they think consistently, moralists who condemn luxury must recommend the comparatively desireless existence of the wild life roaming in the woods as the ultimate ideal of civilized life. Socialism p. 177 Luxuries
In the capitalist society there is a place and bread for all. Its ability to expand provides sustenance for every worker. Permanent unemployment is not a feature of free capitalism. Socialism p. 286 Capitalism
In the modern contractual marriage, which takes place at the desire of husband and wife, marriage and love are united. Socialism p. 83 Marriage
In the society based on division of labour and co-operation, the interests of all members are in harmony, and it follows from this basic fact of social life that ultimately action in the interests of myself and action in the interest of others do not conflict, since the interests of individuals come together in the end. Socialism p. 357 Self-Interest
It is an illusion to believe that one can maintain productivity and reduce the division of labor. Socialism p. 271 Productivity
It is indeed one of the principal drawbacks of every kind of interventionism that it is so difficult to reverse the process. Socialism p. 440 Interventionism
It is merely a metaphor to call competition competitive war, or simply, war. The function of battle is destruction; of competition, construction. Socialism p. 285 Competition
It is not capitalism which is responsible for the evils of permanent mass unemployment, but the policy which paralyses its working. Socialism p. 441 Unemployment
It is not exclusively to the interest of woman that she should succeed in this struggle; to contrast the interests of men and women, as extreme feminists try to do, is very foolish. All mankind would suffer if woman should fail to develop her ego and be unable to unite with man as equal, freeborn companions and comrades. Socialism pp. 90-91 Feminism
It is untrue that some are poor because others are rich. If an order of society in which incomes were equal replaced the capitalist order, everyone would become poorer. Socialism p. 394 Rich and Poor
It is untrue that some are poor because others are rich. If an order of society in which incomes were equal replaced the capitalist order, everyone would become poorer. Socialism p. 394 Wealth
It was writers of this class who introduced as literary figures the bloodsucking capitalist entrepreneur and the noble proletarian. To them the rich man is in the wrong because he is rich, and the poor in the right because he is poor. Socialism p. 420 Romanticism
Liberalism and capitalism address themselves to the cool, well-balanced mind. They proceed by strict logic, eliminating any appeal to the emotions. Socialism, on the contrary, works on the emotions, tries to violate logical considerations by rousing a sense of personal interest and to stifle the voice of reason by awakening primitive instincts. Socialism p. 460 Capitalism vs. Socialism
Liberalism champions private property in the means of production because it expects a higher standard of living from such an economic organization, not because it wishes to help the owners. Socialism p. 46 Classical Liberalism
Luxury is the roadmaker of progress. Socialism p. 177 Luxuries
Man is inconceivable as an isolated being, for humanity exists only as a social phenomenon and mankind transcended the stage of animality only in so far as co-operation evolved the social relationships between the individuals. Socialism p. 259 Society
Man is not evil merely because he wants to enjoy pleasure and avoid pain in other words, to live. Renunciation, abnegation, and self-sacrifice are not good in themselves. Socialism p. 409 Happiness
Mankind does not drink alcohol because there are breweries, distilleries, and vineyards; men brew beer, distill spirits, and grow grapes because of the demand for alcoholic drinks. Socialism p. 403 Prohibition
Marx and Engels never tried to refute their opponents with argument. They insulted, ridiculed, derided, slandered, and traduced them, and in the use of these methods their followers are not less expert. Their polemic is directed never against the argument of the opponent, but always against his person. Socialism p. 19 Marxism
Modern man has always before his eyes the possibility of growing rich by work and enterprise. In the more rigid economy of the past this was less easy. People were rich or poor from birth, and remained so through their lives unless they were given a change of position through some unforeseen accident. Socialism p. 395 Social Mobility
Most cartels and trusts would never have been set up had not the governments created the necessary conditions by protectionist measures. Socialism p. 349 Monopolies
New generations grow up with clear eyes and open minds. And they will approach things from a disinterested, unprejudiced standpoint, they will weigh and examine, will think and act with forethought. Socialism p. 13 Youth
No censor, no emperor, no pope, has ever possessed the power to suppress intellectual freedom which would be possessed by a socialist community. Socialism p. 169 Socialism
No one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. Socialism pp. 468-69 Ideas
No one shall be idle if I have to work; no one shall be rich if I am poor. Thus we see, again and again, that resentment lies behind all socialist ideas. Socialism p. 394 Socialism
Nothing is more calculated to make a demagogue popular than a constantly reiterated demand for heavy taxes on the rich. Capital levies and high income taxes on the larger incomes are extraordinarily popular with the masses, who do not have to pay them. Socialism p. 447 Taxes
One of the fundamental facts of all social life, which all reformers must take into account, is that men have their own thoughts and their own wills. Socialism p. 183 Reality
Only ideas can overcome ideas. Socialism p. 460 Ideas
Only in the case of primitive peoples does war lead to the selection of the stronger and more gifted, and that among civilized peoples it leads to a deterioration of the race by unfavorable selection. Socialism p. 290 War and Peace
Originally confined to the narrowest circles of people, to immediate neighbors, the division of labor gradually becomes more general until eventually it includes all mankind. Socialism p. 279 Division of Labor
Ownership turns the fighting man into the economic man. Only the exclusion of private property can maintain the military character of the State. Only the warrior, who has no other occupation apart from war than preparation for war, is always ready for war. Men occupied in affairs may wage wars of defense but not long wars of conquest. Socialism pp. 220-21 War and Peace
Permanent mass unemployment destroys the moral foundations of the social order. The young people, who, having finished their training for work, are forced to remain idle, are the ferment out of which the most radical political movements are formed. In their ranks the soldiers of the coming revolutions are recruited. Socialism p. 440 Unemployment
Private ownership in the means of production is the only necessary condition for the extensive development of the division of labor. The enslavement of the worker was not necessary to create it. Socialism p. 297 Slavery
Seldom does mercantile and industrial wealth maintain itself in one family for more than two or three generations. Socialism p. 338 Wealth
Several generations of economic policy which was nearly liberal have enormously increased the wealth of the world. Socialism p. 13 Classical Liberalism
Since its appearance the view that prostitution is a product of capitalism has gained ground enormously. And as, in addition, preachers still complain that the good old morals have decayed, and accuse modern culture of having led to loose living, everyone is convinced that all sexual wrongs represent a symptom of decadence peculiar to our age. Socialism p. 92 Prostitution
Since the third century Christianity has always served simultaneously those who supported the social order and those who wished to overthrow it. . . . It is the same today: Christianity fights both for and against Socialism. Socialism p. 378 Christianity
Slavery did not prepare the way for division of labor. On the contrary it blocked the way. Indeed modern industrial society, with its highly developed division of labor, could not begin to grow until slavery had been abolished. Socialism p. 297 Slavery
So far as Feminism seeks to adjust the legal position of woman to that of man, so far as it seeks to offer her legal and economic freedom to develop and act in accordance with her inclinations, desires, and economic circumstances so far it is nothing more than a branch of the great liberal movement, which advocates peaceful and free evolution. Socialism p. 87 Feminism
Socialism is the renunciation of rational economy. Socialism p. 105 Socialism
Socialism knows no freedom of choice in occupation. Everyone has to do what he is told to do and to go where he is sent. Socialism p. 165 Socialism
Socialism promises not only welfare — wealth for all — but universal happiness in love as well. This part of its program has been the source of much of its popularity. Socialism p. 74 Socialism
Socialism... is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build; it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means of production has created. Socialism p. 414 Socialism
Socialist society is a society of officials. The way of living prevailing in it, and the mode of thinking of its members, are determined by this fact. Socialism p. 165 Socialism
Society has arisen out of the works of peace; the essence of society is peacemaking. Peace and not war is the father of all things. Only economic action has created the wealth around us; labor, not the profession of arms, brings happiness. Peace builds, war destroys. Socialism p. 59 War and Peace
Society is best served when the means of production are in the possession of those who know how to use them best. Socialism p. 66 Production
Society is the product of thought and will. Socialism p. 258 Society
Speculation in the capitalist system performs a function which must be performed in any economic system however organized: it provides for the adjustment of supply and demand over time and space. Socialism p. 125 Speculation
Speculation is the link that binds isolated economic action to the economic activity of society as a whole. Socialism p. 182 Speculation
Speculation performs an economic service which cannot conceivably be eliminated from any economic system. Socialism p. 125 Speculation
State interference in economic life, which calls itself economic policy, has done nothing but destroy economic life. Prohibitions and regulations have by their general obstructive tendency fostered the growth of the spirit of wastefulness. Socialism p. 424 Interventionism
Strikes, sabotage, violent action and terrorism of every kind are not economic means. They are destructive means, designed to interrupt the movement of economic life. They are weapons of war which must inevitably lead to the destruction of society. Socialism p. 307 Unions
That everyone lives and wishes to live primarily for himself does not disturb social life but promotes it, for the higher fulfillment of the individuals life is possible only in and through society. Socialism p. 361 Self-Interest
That Liberalism aims at the protection of property and that it rejects war are two expressions of one and the same principle. Socialism p. 59 Classical Liberalism
That Socialism would be immediately practicable if an omnipotent and omniscient Deity were personally to descend to take in hand the government of human affairs is incontestable. Socialism p. 183 Socialism
The Bolshevists persistently tell us that religion is opium for the people. Marxism is indeed opium for those who might take to thinking and must therefore be weaned from it. Socialism p. 7 Marxism
The cornerstone of trade unionism is compulsory membership. Socialism p. 435 Unions
The creative spirit innovates necessarily. It must press forward. It must destroy the old and set the new in its place…. Progress cannot be organized. Socialism p. 167 Genius
The desire for an increase of wealth can be satisfied through exchange, which is the only method possible in a capitalist economy, or by violence and petition as in a militarist society, where the strong acquire by force, the weak by petitioning. Socialism p. 335 Capitalism vs. Socialism
The evolution which has led from the principle of violence to the contractual principle has based these relations on free choice in love. The woman may deny herself to anyone, she may demand fidelity and constancy from the man to whom she gives herself. Only in this way is the foundation laid for the development of woman's individuality. Socialism p. 91 Love
The eyes with which we look at the matter must not be those of the dreamer envisioning a lost paradise, who sees the future in a blaze of rose-colored light, and condemns all that goes on around us. Socialism p. 92 Social Planning
The first socialists were the intellectuals; they and not the masses are the backbone of Socialism. Socialism p. 461 Intellectuals
The great mass of people are incapable of realizing that in economic life nothing is permanent except change. They regard the existing state of affairs as eternal; as it has been so shall it always be. Socialism p. 188 Change
The greater productivity of work under the division of labor is a unifying influence. It leads men to regard each other as comrades in a joint struggle for welfare, rather than as competitors in a struggle for existence. It makes friends out of enemies, peace out of war, society out of individuals. Socialism p. 261 Division of Labor
The impracticability of Socialism is the result of intellectual, not moral, incapacity. . . . Even angels, if they were endowed only with human reason, could not form a socialistic community. Socialism p. 407 Socialism
The incomparable success of Marxism is due to the prospect it offers of fulfilling those dream-aspirations and dreams of vengeance which have been so deeply imbedded in the human soul from time immemorial. It promises a Paradise on earth, a Land of Hearts Desire full of happiness and enjoyment, and — sweeter still to the losers in life's game — humiliation of all who are stronger and better than the multitude. Logic and reasoning, which might show the absurdity of such dreams of bliss and revenge, are to be thrust aside.… It is against Logic, against Science and against the activity of thought itself. Socialism p. 7 Marxism
The interventionist policy provides thousands and thousands of people with safe, placid, and not too strenuous jobs at the expense of the rest of society. Socialism p. 457 Civil Service
The most important medium for social co-operation is language. Language bridges the chasm between individuals and only with its help can one man communicate to another something at least of what he is feeling . . . without it, there could be no thought but only instinct, no will but only impulse. Socialism p. 286 Language
The much abused shopkeepers have abolished slavery and serfdom, made woman the companion of man with equal rights, proclaimed equality before the law and freedom of thought and opinion, declared war on war, abolished torture, and mitigated the cruelty of punishment. What cultural force can boast of similar achievements? Socialism p. 398 Bourgeoisie
The nationalization of intellectual life, which must be attempted under Socialism, must make all intellectual progress impossible. Socialism p. 167 Socialism
The need of society for labor is never satisfied. Socialism p. 129 Unemployment
The only task of the strictly Liberal state is to secure life and property against attacks both from external and internal foes. Socialism p. 133 Classical Liberalism
The ordered organization of coercion we call the State. Socialism p. 280 State
The policy of strike, violence, and sabotage can claim no merit whatever for any improvement in the workers position. Socialism p. 437 Unions
The slogan Away with foreign goods! would lead us, if we accepted all its implications, to abolish the division of labor altogether. For the principle that makes the international division of labor seem advantageous is precisely the principle which recommends division of labor in any circumstances. Socialism p. 288 Protectionism
The truth is that love and marriage were separate and people did not expect marriage to give them lasting and unclouded happiness. Only when the idea of contract and consent has been imposed on marriage does the wedded couple demand that their union shall satisfy desire permanently. Socialism p. 85 Love
The weapon of the trade union is the strike. It must be borne in mind that every strike is an act of coercion, a form of extortion, a measure of violence directed against all who might act in opposition to the strikers intentions. Socialism p. 435 Unions
The widespread view that the monopolist can fix prices at will, thatin common phrasehe can dictate prices, is as erroneous as the conclusion, derived from this view, that he has in his hands the power to do whatever he likes. Socialism p. 344 Monopolies
The wish is father to the thought, says a figure of speech. What it means is that the wish is the father of faith. Socialism p. 317n Reason
The word Capitalism expresses, for our age, the sum of all evil. Even the opponents of Socialism are dominated by socialist ideas. Socialism p. 15 Capitalism
There are, after all, not many people who are prepared to renounce light-heartedly the fruits of culture, however much they may despise them in thought and abuse them in words, few who are willing to return without more ado to the way of life of the deer and the stag. Socialism p. 365 Retreatism
There is no clearly defined frontier between health and illness. Being ill is not a phenomenon independent of conscious will and of psychic forces working in the subconscious. A man's efficiency is not merely the result of his physical condition; it depends largely on his mind and will. Socialism p. 431 Health
There is no evidence that social evolution must move steadily upwards in a straight line. Social standstill and social retrogression are historical facts which we cannot ignore. World history is the graveyard of dead civilizations. Socialism p. 275 Progress
There is really no essential difference between the unlimited power of the democratic state and the unlimited power of the autocrat. Socialism pp. 64-65 Constitutional Government
They have no greater perception of the essentials of economic life than the errand boy, whose only idea of the work of the entrepreneur is that he covers pieces of paper with letters and figures. Socialism p. 189 Marxism
This, then, is freedom in the external life of man that he is independent of the arbitrary power of his fellows. Such freedom is no natural right. It did not exist under primitive conditions. It arose in the process of social development and its final completion is the work of mature Capitalism. Socialism p. 171 Freedom
Thought is bound up with speech. The thinkers conceptual edifice is built on the elements of language. Socialism p. 286 Language
Thus marriage, as we know it, has come into existence entirely as a result of the contractual idea penetrating into this sphere of life. All our cherished ideals of marriage have grown out of this idea. That marriage unites one man and one woman, that it can be entered into only with the free will of both parties, that it imposes a duty of mutual fidelity, that a mans violations of the marriage vows are to be judged no differently from a woman's, that the rights of husband and wife are essentially the same — these principles develop from the contractual attitude to the problem of marital life. Socialism pp. 82-83 Marriage
To be a member of a national minority involves multitudinous political disadvantages. The wider the functions of the political authority the more burdensome are these disadvantages. Socialism p. 202 Minorities
To drink coffee I do not need to own a coffee plantation in Brazil, an ocean steamer, and a coffee roasting plant, though all these means of production must be used to bring a cup of coffee to my table. Sufficient that others own these means of production and employ them for me. Socialism p. 31 Production
To see and to act in advance, to follow new ways, is always the concern only of the few, the leaders. Socialism p. 188 Genius
To the believer, religion brings consolation and courage; it enables him to see himself as a thread in the fabric of eternal life, it assigns to him a place in the imperishable plan of a world creator, and places him beyond time and space, old age and death, high in the celestial pastures. Socialism p. 84 Religion
True, the entrepreneur is free to give full rein to his whims, to dismiss workers off hand, to cling stubbornly to antiquated processes, deliberately to choose unsuitable methods of production and to allow himself to be guided by motives which conflict with the demands of consumers. But when and in so far as he does this he must pay for it. Socialism p. 401 Discrimination
Unemployment doles can have no other effect than the perpetuation of unemployment. Socialism p. 440 Unemployment Insurance
We are still far from understanding the ultimate and most profound secret of life, the principle of the origin of organisms. Who knows whether we shall ever discover it? Socialism p. 259 Mystery
We cannot really say any more about the inherited characteristics of the individual than that some men are more gifted from birth than others. Where the difference between good and bad is to be sought we cannot say. Socialism p. 288 Equality
When men have gained freedom in purely economic relationships they begin to desire it elsewhere. Socialism p. 171 Freedom
Within Marxism there is no place for free thought. Socialism p. 319 Marxism
Without speculation there can be no economic activity reaching beyond the immediate present. Socialism p. 125 Speculation