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It is a poor makeshift to call any age an age of transition. In the living world there is always change. Every age is an age of transition. Human Action p. 855; p. 860 Uncertainty
It is certainly true that the necessity of adjusting oneself again and again to changing conditions is onerous. But change is the essence of life. In an unhampered market economy the absence of security, i.e., the absence of protection for vested interests, is the principle that makes for a steady improvement in material well-being. Human Action p. 848; p. 852 Uncertainty
The most that can be attained with regard to reality is probability. Human Action p. 105; p. 105 Uncertainty
There is in the course of human events no stability and consequently no safety. Human Action p. 113; p. 113 Uncertainty
Understanding is always based on incomplete knowledge. Human Action p. 112; p. 112 Uncertainty
In the universe there is never and nowhere stability and immobility. Change and transformation are essential features of life. Each state of affairs is transient; each age is an age of transition. In human life there is never calm and repose. Life is a process, not a perseverance in a status quo. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The p. 106 Uncertainty
One of the fundamental conditions of mans existence and action is the fact that he does not know what will happen in the future. Theory and History p. 180 Uncertainty
What a man can say about the future is always merely speculative anticipation. Theory and History p. 203 Uncertainty