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Most men endure the sacrifice of the intellect more easily than the sacrifice of their daydreams. They cannot bear that their utopias should run aground on the unalterable necessities of human existence. Epistemological Problems of Economics p. 200 Reality
The cognizance of reality is a sad experience. It teaches the limits on the satisfaction of ones wishes. Only reluctantly does man resign himself to the insight that there are things, viz., the whole complex of all causal relations between events, which wishful thinking cannot alter. Human Action p. 858; p. 862 Reality
Life consists in adjusting oneself to actual conditions and in taking account of things as they really are, not as one would wish them to be. Omnipotent Government p. 13 Reality
We must see conditions as they really are, not as we want them to be. Omnipotent Government p. 259 Reality
One of the fundamental facts of all social life, which all reformers must take into account, is that men have their own thoughts and their own wills. Socialism p. 183 Reality