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Aggressive nationalism is the necessary derivative of the policies of interventionism and national planning. Human Action p. 819; p. 823 Nationalism
Economic nationalism, the necessary complement of domestic interventionism, hurts the interests of foreign peoples and thus creates international conflict. It suggests the idea of amending this unsatisfactory state of affairs by war. Human Action p. 827; p. 831 Nationalism
Interventionism generates economic nationalism, and economic nationalism generates bellicosity. If men and commodities are prevented from crossing the borderlines, why should not the armies try to pave the way for them? Human Action p. 828; p. 832 Nationalism
Nationalist policies, which always begin by aiming at the ruination of ones neighbor, must, in the final analysis, lead to the ruination of all. Liberalism p. 144 Nationalism
The idea of freedom is both national and cosmopolitan. It is revolutionary, for it wants to abolish all rule incompatible with its principles, but it is also pacifistic. What basis for war could there still be, once all peoples had been set free? Nation, State, and Economy p. 35 Nationalism
Interventionism begets economic nationalism. It thus kindles the antagonism resulting in war. An abandonment of economic nationalism is not feasible if nations cling to interference with business. Free trade in international relations requires domestic free trade. Omnipotent Government p. 66 Nationalism
It would be a mistake to ascribe the ascendancy of modern nationalism to human wickedness. The nationalists are not innately aggressive men; they become aggressive through their conception of nationalism. They are confronted with conditions which were unknown to the champions of the old principle of self-determination. And their etatist prejudices prevent them from finding a solution for the problems they have to face other than that provided by aggressive nationalism. Omnipotent Government pp. 81-82 Nationalism
The further a nation goes on the road toward public control of business, the more it is forced to withdraw from the international division of labor. Omnipotent Government p. 281 Nationalism
The nationalists of all countries have succeeded in convincing their followers that only the policies they recommend are really advantageous to the well-being of the whole nation and of all its honest citizens. Omnipotent Government p. 115 Nationalism