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The conduct of military affairs is characterized by a stubborn hostility to every attempt toward improvement. Bureaucracy p. 67 Military
For all nations the necessity of being ready for defense will mean a heavy burden. Not only economic but moral and political conditions will be affected. Militarism will supplant democracy; civil liberties will vanish wherever military discipline must be supreme. Omnipotent Government p. 287 Military
In proportion as armaments increased the sales of munitions plants, they reduced the sales of all other industries. Omnipotent Government p. 133 Military
The characteristic feature of militarism is not the fact that a nation has a powerful army or navy. It is the paramount role assigned to the army within the political structure. Even in peacetime the army is supreme; it is the predominant factor in political life. The subjects must obey the government as soldiers must obey their superiors. Within a militarist community there is no freedom; there are only obedience and discipline. Omnipotent Government p. 35 Military