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In the political field it is always the will of the majority that prevails, and the minorities must yield to it. Liberty & Property p. 12 Majority Rule
In the political sphere, there is no means for an individual or a small group of individuals to disobey the will of the majority. But in the intellectual field private property makes rebellion possible. Liberty & Property p. 12 Majority Rule
When any sort of difference arises between law and opinion, a reaction must necessarily follow; a movement sets in against that part of the law that is felt to be unjust. Such conflicts always tend to end in a victory of opinion over the law; ultimately the views of the ruling class become embodied in the law. Theory of Money and Credit, The p. 229 Majority Rule
[They knew that] all men are liable to error and that it could happen that the majority, deluded by faulty doctrines propagated by irresponsible demagogues, could embark upon policies that would result in disaster, even in the entire destruction of civilization. Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, The p. 93 Majority Rule