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A great deal of what people in less capitalistic countries consider luxury is a common good in the more capitalistically developed countries. Critique of Interventionism, A p. 158 Luxuries
Every innovation makes its appearance as a luxury of the few well-to-do. After industry has become aware of it, the luxury then becomes a necessity for all. Critique of Interventionism, A p. 158 Luxuries
Most of us have no sympathy with the rich idler who spends his life in pleasure without ever doing any work. But even he fulfills a function in the life of the social organism. He sets an example of luxury that awakens in the multitude a consciousness of new needs and gives industry the incentive to fulfill them. Liberalism pp. 32-33 Luxuries
The luxury of today is the necessity of tomorrow. Every advance first comes into being as the luxury of a few rich people, only to become, after a time, an indispensable necessity taken for granted by everyone. Luxury consumption provides industry with the stimulus to discover and introduce new, things. It is one of the dynamic factors in our economy. To it we owe the progressive innovations by which the standard of living of all strata of the population has been gradually raised. Liberalism p. 32 Luxuries
In so far as they think consistently, moralists who condemn luxury must recommend the comparatively desireless existence of the wild life roaming in the woods as the ultimate ideal of civilized life. Socialism p. 177 Luxuries
Luxury is the roadmaker of progress. Socialism p. 177 Luxuries