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Lenin's ideal was to build a nations production effort according to the model of the post office. Liberty & Property p. 14 Lenin, Vladimir
Lenin was cynical enough to say that revolutions must be achieved with the catchwords of the day. And he achieved his own revolution by affirming publicly — against his better conviction — the catchwords that had taken hold of public opinion. Omnipotent Government p. 127 Lenin, Vladimir
In his life and his reading he remained so far removed from the facts of economic life that he was as great a stranger to the work of the bourgeoisie as a Hottentot to the work of an explorer taking geographical measurements. Socialism p. 189 Lenin, Vladimir
All that Lenin learned about business from the tales of his comrades who occasionally sat in business offices was that it required a lot of scribbling, recording, and ciphering. Thus, he declares that accounting and control are the chief things necessary for the organizing and correct functioning of society. . . . Here we have the philosophy of the filing clerk in its full glory. Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, The pp. 24-25 Lenin, Vladimir