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With the progress of the semantic confusion which has converted the meaning of political terms into their very opposite, the epithet democratic is now lavishly spent. Human Action p. 838; p. 842 Language
Community of language binds and difference of language separates persons and peoples. Nation, State, and Economy p. 13 Language
Whoever wants to speak with his fellow men and to understand what they say must use their language. Everyone must therefore strive to understand and speak the language of his environment. For that reason individuals and minorities adopt the language of the majority. Nation, State, and Economy pp. 27-28 Language
Nothing links men more closely together than a community of language, and nothing segregates them more effectively than a difference of language. Omnipotent Government p. 123 Language
The most important medium for social co-operation is language. Language bridges the chasm between individuals and only with its help can one man communicate to another something at least of what he is feeling . . . without it, there could be no thought but only instinct, no will but only impulse. Socialism p. 286 Language
Thought is bound up with speech. The thinkers conceptual edifice is built on the elements of language. Socialism p. 286 Language