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Compulsory military service thus leads to compulsory labor service of all citizens who are able to work, male and female. . . . Mobilization has become total; the nation and the state have been transformed into an army; war socialism has replaced the market economy. Interventionism pp. 69-70 Conscription
Not everything that exists today is reasonable; but this does not mean that everything that does not exist is sensible. Interventionism p. 89 Reason
The first step which led from the soldiers war back to total war was the introduction of compulsory military service. It gradually did away with the difference between soldiers and citizens. Interventionism pp. 69-70 Conscription
The progressives who today masquerade as liberals may rant against fascism; yet it is their policy that paves the way for Hitlerism. Interventionism p. 88 Progressives
What mankind needs today is liberation from the rule of nonsensical slogans and a return to sound reasoning. Interventionism p. 90 Reason